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September 2022Conversational Leadership Café: Is this our Gutenberg Moment!David Gurteen has researched, reflected upon and written about ‘conversations’. Conversation is a potentially powerful response to the problems that we face in the world. Read More
July 2022Sparks into Light. Complexity and the Development SectorCynefin is an action, research and development hub which specialises in the application of anthrocomplexity using complexity oriented tools and applying them across research, government and organisations. Read More
May 2022The case for MS Teams – The Case for Information Architecture and GovernanceMS Teams are about communication (chat, audio/video conferencing, telephony) and collaboration (content sharing, storage, task management etc.). Teams is just one part of Office 365 which is a whole set of cloud business applications. Read More
March 2022There is no seminar this month as the speaker is ill with Covid-19. This seminar has been postponed until May 2022.
January 2022Radical knowledge management
In this seminar Stephanie Barnes outlined how we can change our organisations so that they are fit-for-purpose in the 21st century. Starting from the premise that in the new work we are all leaders and we must use the knowledge and tools available to us in creative, innovative ways. We must use critical thinking, resilience and reflection in a sustainable way to continually adapt to the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) in our environment.
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November 2021Writing for the web perspectives and practical advice This meeting considered how writing for the web is so different from other content? What are the processes and principles guiding web content? Are there any hard-and-fast rules to stick to when crafting text for the web? Our speaker, Teodora Petkova, addressed these three questions in her webinar. Read More

July 2021Ethical Artificial IntelligenceWhat is ethical, or responsible, artificial intelligence (AI) ? In essence, we can identify three concerns/issues: “the moral behaviour of humans as they design and use artificially intelligent systems.” “A concern with the behaviour of machines” “The issue of a possible singularity due to superintelligent AI” – a fascinating glimpse into the future as computers might ‘take over’. Is this still science fiction? For a report, a blog link and some fascinating information from our speaker, Ahren Lehnert, Read More
May 2021
The status of KM in 2020, and trends for the futureKnoco undertook a third global “state of the art” survey of Knowledge Management. The results give a snapshot of the state of pre-covid KM, and comparison with previous surveys allows trends to be identified,  For our seminar report and information about Nick Milton’s book and website Read More
March 2021Working during the Covid-19 pandemic: sharing insights and experiencesThis meeting consisted of eight speakers talking for ten minutes each about different aspects of their experience of working during this time, followed by the usual syndicate sessions, where experiences were shared in more detail, so that we can manage better as we move forward into a still uncertain future. For more information including a blog link and material about the speakers to bring the report alive Read More
January 2021Managing Knowledge in Project EnvironmentsThis meeting was about Knowledge Management which is widely practised in project environments, but not always recognised as such. What is recognised as knowledge management is often information management – and tends to be treated a series of unconnected activities. For more information including a blog link and some study suggestions Read More


November 2020The framework and ISO standards for Collaboration, KM and Innovation and how these might be integrated into your organisation This seminar, affectionately know as the Two Ronnie’s show, aimed to introduce the Five dimensions Framework of Collaboration, Knowledge and Innovation. They gave an overview of the collaboration, knowledge management and innovation published standards ISO44001, ISO 30401, ISO 56002. For a full blog report and information about ISO standards Read More
October 2020From Hawley to the Edge of Intelligence : the continuing evolution of Knowledge and Information Management to adapt to the new normal This seminar was all about the ‘Financial Times’ survey entitled ‘The edge of intelligence’ published in early March 2020. Stephen Phillips is a member of CILIP, the Library and Information Association, which worked with the ‘Financial Times’ to commission a survey of its readers. The purpose of this was to build a better understanding of their perception of knowledge and information management. For a full blog report on the seminar and references to the original Hawley Report Read More
September 2020TRIZ and how it can be applied to Knowledge and Information Management This meeting introduced the little-known methodology with Russian origins, called TRIZ. Patterns that were uncovered while delving deep into the patents database during work in Russia revealed around 100 concepts, principles, and strategies that they believe will help to solve any problem. For a full blog report and some important TRIZ reference sites Read More
July 2020Time critical user centred library web design Antony Groves, from the University of Sussex gave a lively account of how his team have made ten changes to the library website since lockdown. He talked about benchmarking, user surveys and feedback and plenty of iterations to get things right. For a full blog report and information about Ranganathan’s laws of library science’
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May 2020How do we thrive in a hyper-connected, complex world? An afternoon of conversation on Zoom with David GurteenDavid Gurteen outlined many dimensions to the connectedness of our complex world, including transport changes, internet, social media, global finances. In his view; over the last 75 years this increased connectivity has led to massive complexity, and today we can conceive of two worlds – an old world before the Second World War and a new world that has emerged since 1945. For our blog report and information on David’s website and resources Read More
March 2020Using previously hidden knowledge to think like a genius: An introduction to TRIZMeeting postponed because of the Corona virus
January 2020Virtual working and learning: is it working for you?NetIKX had a dazzling meeting with Paul Corney, President-elect of CILIP, showing his wealth of knowledge about meetings of all kinds, and specifically virtual meetings. The presentation ranged from detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of technology packages – where he pulled out some surprising issues to watch out for – to the preparation and etiquette that makes humans effective when working together at a distance. For a full blog report, information about Paul’s recent book and links to the Erin Meyers website discussed in the talk
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November 2019Useful evidence: getting research evidence valued and usedAt this meeting Jonathan Breckon of the Alliance for Useful Evidence described the COM-B framework for encouraging research use, developed by researchers at UCL, and adopted by a range of foundations and government agencies in UK and overseas. He also gave some practical tips on the best mechanisms for getting research evidence valued and used. There is no blog for this seminar but you can find more information and a link to th Nesta website Read More
September 2019This event was deferred to 2020
Open Knowledge
July 2019Using content strategy to meet your business goals: content strategy at workThis seminar received very positive feedback. The two speakers were able to present their different perspectives on this practical topic with expertise and they coordinated together like the perfect double act! The audience learnt from first-hand experience how to work through the four stages of Content Strategy development. For more information and a link to our blog report Read More
May 2019Information Literacy: Current Ideas and DevelopmentsThis session provided an opportunity to discuss current ideas and developments relating to information literacy (IL). Last year, CILIP completely overhauled its definition of IL. The 2018 definition places IL firmly in a broad societal context that no longer resides just within higher education. It states that ‘Information Literacy empowers us as citizens to reach and express informed views and to engage fully with society’. For our blog report and a link to the CILIP web page for their new definition Read More
March 2019Open DataThis meeting mainly consisted of a general (fairly non-technical) introduction to the subject from David Penfold, who gave examples of how open data is used by organisations such as Network Rail. He showed excerpts from presentations Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Sir Nigel Shadbolt and concluded with a consideration of the ethics of Open Data and the implications of AI. For our blog report and a link to the Open Data Institute website Read More
January 2019Wikipedia and other knowledge-sharing systemsAt this meeting Andy Mabbett, a hugely experienced Wikipedia editor, gave an introduction to the background of Wikipedia and discussed many of the issues that it raises. Accumulating, organising and sharing knowledge is never easy; this is the problem Knowledge Management sought to address. Today we hope networked electronic platforms can facilitate the process. They are never enough in themselves, because the issues are essentially human, to do with attitudes, social dynamics and work culture — but good tools certainly help. For more information, our blog report and a link to an audio interview with Andy Read More


November 2018Network Science: Harnessing the “Networkness” of NetworksAt this meeting Yasmin Merali, Professor of Systems Thinking and Director of the Centre for Systems Studies at Hull University Business School, and Drew Mackie gave an introduction to network science and demonstrated some practical applications. For our blog report and a link to the Centre for Systems studies Read More
September 2018Ontologies and domain modelling: a fun (honest) and friendly introductionAt this lively meeting Helen Lippell and Silver Oliver introduced ontologies and explained how they could be used. Michael Smethurst and Anya Somerville ran an interactive practical session. For our blog report and SKOS links Read More
July 2018Machines and Morality: Can AI be Ethical?At this meeting Stephanie Mathisen, Policy Manager at Sense About Science, and Tamara Ansons, Behavioural Science Consultant at Ipsos, addressed the question of the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence – is it possible for machines to have morality? For our blog report and link to the SciTech Committee’s web page Read More
June 2018Organising Medical and Health-related InformationAt this meeting held in Leeds, Ewan Davis, one of the first developers of a GP computerised health record system, discussed Electronic Health Records. This is a joint meeting with ISKO UK. For a full blog report and a link to the website of our co-organisers Read More
May 2018Trust and integrity in informationThe question of how we identify trustworthy sources of information formed the basis of this varied and thought-provoking seminar. Hanna Chalmers, Senior Director of IPSOS Mori, detailed the initial results of a recent poll on trust in the media. Events such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal have resulted in a general sense that trust in the media is in a state of crisis. For our blog report and a link to a useful article on Global Trust in Media Read More
March 2018Working in Complexity – SenseMaker, Decisions and CynefinAt this meeting attendees were given the opportunity to take part in experimenting with a number of tools and analytical approaches that have been used to good effect in dealing with intractable, complex problems. The speaker was Tony Quinlan. For our blog report and a link to Tony’s website Read More
January 2018Making true connections in a complex world: new technologies to link facts, concepts and dataAt this meeting new approaches to Linked Data and Graph Technology were presented and discussed. Dion Lindsay introduced the New Graph Technology of Information and David Clarke discussed Building Rich Search and Discovery User Experiences with Linked Open Data. For a report, blog link and link to other resources Read More


November 2017The Future for Information and Knowledge ProfessionalsThe programme focused on the situation of knowledge and information professionals in 2017. Talks to set the scene were from Peter Thomson on major changes to the world of work and from Stuart Ward, Chair of NetIKX at its inception, who focused more closely on how KM and IM people can provide value in the workplace in this changing world. Then, in a usual NetIKX syndicate session, participants were invited to discuss the key ideas that they thought were the most relevant. After this, to gain a wider perspective, questions based on these discussions were put to a panel composed of people active and influential in our field. These were David Haynes,(Chair of ISKO UK), David Gurteen,David Smith, (Government KIM Head of Profession), Karen McFarlane, (Chair of the CILIP Board),Steve Dale and Noeleen Schenk,(Metataxis Ltd, who has also been running a series of meetings on the future of knowledge and information management). For a report and link to our blog Read More
September 2017Closing the Loop on Lesson LearningChris Collison explored the myths and truths of lesson-learning in different contexts, using real examples, both good and bad, challenging us to improve this important knowledge-management practice and make it more than a convenient phrase. For a report and links to our blogs Read More
July 2017The Implications of Blockchain for KM and IMFirst Noeleen Schenk of Metataxis explained blockchain in terms of information governance and then Marc Stephenson, also of Metataxis, gave a technical overview. They were followed by John Sheridan and Mark Bell of The National Archives, who described a Blockchain project on which they are working. For a report and links to our blog and some useful articles Read More
May 2017Developing Effective Collaborative Knowledge Spaces Paul J. Corneyand Victoria Ward introduced a survey that has been run on this topic and used the meeting to obtain feedback on the questions from those attending. For more information and links to our blog post and Paul’s website Read More
March 2017Gurteen Knowledge Café – Entrained and Entrenched ThinkingDavid Gurteen, well known as a keynote speaker and conversational facilitator, ran a Knowledge Café on the topic of Entrained and Entrenched Thinking. For more information and a link to our blog report Read More
January 2017Information Design: approaches to better communicationConrad Taylor and Ruth Miller, (long-standing practitioners of information design) presented some simple and practical applications of plain language, computer-based design, and design project management practices to help organisations and businesses to communicate clearly. For a report and link to our blog and a book reference Read More


November 2016Evidence Based Decision MakingSteve Dale of Collabor8now Ltd demonstrated how information can be presented in ways that are misleading and that we can make decisions based on such information. He included two practical exercises that illustrated some of his points. For a report on this meeting and a link to the blog Read More
September 2016Connecting Knowledge Communities: Approaches to Professional DevelopmentLuke Stevens-Burt from CILIP talked about CPD at CILIP and the PKSB (Professional Knowledge and Skills Base), which can be used to rate knowledge and skills levels and identify areas for improvement. He was followed by Christopher Reeves and Karen Thwaites from the Department for Education, who talked about CPD, particularly focusing on the new Government KIM framework and how it was produced – this was a unique opportunity to see this from the perspective of the Department for Education because Chris did a lot of the coordination to ensure consultation there and experienced the challenges that this raised. For a report and our blog link Read More
July 2016Understanding Networks – and how to win friends and influence peopleDrew Mackie and David Willcox are currently on the Joined Up Digital project for the Centre for Ageing Better, following an exploration into Living Well in the Digital Age with the Age Action Alliance. They have developed social network mapping for the Croydon Best Start programme and other clients, and also created a suite of workshop games and simulations to support co-design. They talked about the theory and practice of networks and networking and provided delegates with insights into how they can exploit network thinking. For a report and link to our blog Read More
May 2016SharePoint and Office 365: getting maximum value from enterprise collaboration solutions Nathaniel Suda, Advanced 365, who is the only consultant in the UK to simultaneously hold a strategic advisory position at Microsoft UK in both Business Intelligence and SharePoint, and Cerys Hearsey, Lead Consultant and MD at Post*Shift. For a report and our blog link Read More
March 2016Storytelling For Problem Solving & Better Decision Making Ron Donaldson, an expert practitioner in the art and science of storytelling techniques talked about stories being a recounting of events based on emotional experience from a perspective. You can read more about this and see links to our blog and Ron’s website Read More
January 2016Human Capital – The Last Differentiator Rooven Pakkiri, Social Business Consultant.considered the question: How do you keep your skills relevant in an ever-changing environment? Can Social Knowledge Management provide answers? For more information and two blog post links Read More


November 2015Offshoring/Outsourcing Information Services The two lead speakers – Chrissy Street, now Head of Central Information Resources at Clifford Chance, and Karen Tulett, who is currently a Director at Morgan Stanley, in two presentations that revealed their long and impressive experience as information service leaders, opened our eyes to the wide range of possibilities that is now available, and the pros and cons of different approaches. For a report and link to our blog Read More
September 2015Connecting Knowledge CommunitiesTo help connect our Knowledge Communities we welcomed speakers from the Henley Forum for Organisational Learning & Knowledge Strategies, the Knowledge and Innovation Network (KIN), IRMS (the Information and Records Management Society), ISKO UK (the UK Chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organization), KIDMM (the Knowledge, Information, Data and Metadata Management online forum) and NetIKX itself. For the report and link to our blog Read More
July 2015Hillsborough – Information Work and Helping People (with AGM) We welcomed Jan Parry, President of CILIP, to talk about her role in the Hillsborough Inquiry. For more information and links to our blog and some of Jan’s writing Read More
May 2015Open Data – Products, Services and Standards. Mark Braggins and Steven Flower, who both have many years experience in delivering data products and services. discussed a number of case studies and innovative solutions that are delivering value through open data applications. For a report and link to our blog Read More
March 2015Seek and You will Find? Karen Blakeman, independent consultant, and Tony Hirst explained how Google is undergoing major changes in the way it analyses our searches and presents results, so that more people are using their biased, social media circles as sources of information. For more information and a blog link Read More
January 2015Auditing your KIM Skills Gap: A joint seminar of the Network for Information & Knowledge Exchange and TFPL Connect-edJayne Winch and Suzanne Wheatley led a joint seminar of the Network for Information & Knowledge Exchange and TFPL Connect-ed. The start of the new year is a great time to take stock, reflect on the achievements of the last year and plan your objectives for the upcoming twelve months. For a short report on this seminar Read More


November 2014Wider horizons for information auditIt was wonderful to have Sue Henczel as one of our speakers as she had recently flown in from Australia. She joined with Graham Robertson, a NetIKX Committee member to discuss with us the value of information audits. For a report and link to some of Sue’s writing Read More
September 2014Communities of Practice for the Post Recession EnvironmentThe speaker for this seminar was Dion Lindsay of Dion Lindsay Consulting. Dion tackled big questions in his presentation, such as: Are the principles established for successful Communities of Practice (CoP’s) in the 1990’s and earlier still sound today. For a report and links to a blog and Dion’s website Read More
July 2014Selling Taxonomies to organisationsAlice Laird, Information Professional, ICAEW and Phil Carlisle of the Data Standards Unit, English Heritage,.talked at this seminar about addressing the need for a taxonomy and its potential to the organization. For an acccount of the meeting and our blog link Read More
May 2014Information on the MoveThis seminar looked at‘The second digital transition’ which means that perhaps there will be no librarians (as we know them) by 2022. There were two topics and two syndicate sessions for this Event. For the report and links to our blogs Read More
March 2014Incentivising knowledge sharing behavioursSteve Dale gave an excellent presentation on the ‘hot topic’ of ‘gamification’. Quite simply, ‘gamification’ is the process of applying game elements to non-game applications using the fundamentals of human psychology to address motivation, ability levels and ‘triggers’. For the report with a link to our blog and Steve’s website Read More
January 2014When space matters (for collaboration, innovation and knowledge transfer)Paul Corney delivered a thrilling tour around the world, looking at how the physical space available for knowledge management will affect the outcomes, For a report on this seminar Read More


November 2013Knowledge organisation – past present and futureDr David Skryme, Analyst and Management Consultant at David Skryme Associates and Danny Budzak, Senior Information Manager at the London Legacy Development Corporation led this seminar. For a report Read More
September 2013The Knowledge Council and the KIM professionalKaren McFarlane, Chair of the Government’s Knowledge Council and Government Head of Profession for Knowledge and Information Management (KIM) discussed recent developments for people in our field. Paul J. Corney has written an excellent blog post about this. For a brief report and the blog link Read More
July 2013Data protection: the good, the bad and the futureDave Evans, Group Manager – Business and Industry, Information Commissioner’s Office gave us an insiders view of the Data Protection Act. For a brief report on this seminar Read More
May 2013Managing changeLesley Trenner and Janet Kaul, Knowledge Officer, NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre were our speakers. For a report and blog link Read More
March 2013Knowledge management: past, present and futureStuart Ward, the original Chair of NetIKX from Forward Consulting and Lissi Corfield, a relative newcomer, discussed knowledge management perspectives. There are two excellent blogs about this seminar. For a report and the blog links Read More
January 2013Digital native or digital immigrant – does it matter? Social Media – what next and what can we do with it?We heard from Karen Blakeman and Graham Coult who spoke about the way technology is changing lives through the perspective of the differences that our individual experience will provide. For a report and links to a blog and some relevant papers Read More


November 2012Maximizing knowledge – sharing information conversationally through podcasts and social mediaIn this NetIKX workshop we heard how Helen Clegg, Knowledge Team Director, led her team at A.T.Kearney in developing an innovative series of podcasts, providing a new, more conversational way of knowledge transfer for staff and potential customers. For a report and blog links Read More
September 2012Ensuring business value and cost-effectiveness in what we doRoger Farbey, British Dental Association and Megan Roberts, Oxford Innovation, were two speakers who operate in very different sectors. However, both share a commitment to deliver value and ensure cost effectiveness to both internal and external clients, which gave them valuable insights to share with us on this important topic. For a report and blog link Read More
July 2012Digital preservation – help!Mark Merifield from the National Archives, and Rob Gethen Smith from the Tate gave contrasting case studies on digital preservation. A wide variety of issues were raised for general discussion. For a very brief report Read More
March 2012The role of KM in supporting new ways of workingThis NetIKX event looked at innovation within organisations and demonstrated the value that KM can offer. Case studies were discussed from the Chartered Management Institute. For a very brief report Read More
January 2012Social Media – what next and what can we do with it?The speakers identified that the key to effective use of social media is to be clear about who we are trying to target and what tool or tools they would use. For an account of the meeting and our blog link Read More


November 2011What next for the web? – a look at linked data and semantic searchThis was a joint event, run with the Information for Energy Group (IFEG) and hosted at The Energy Institute. The session addressed the issue of linked data and the semantic web.with speakers Richard Wallis and Victoria Uren. For a report and blog link Read More
September 2011Developing our capability: A practical tool-kit for IM/KM practitioners and their customersChris Collison introduced the subject by saying that River Diagrams are a way to visualise the results from a maturity model or self-assessment tool, looking through the lens of knowledge-sharing. For a report, a blog link and a video clip of Chris explaining the River Diagram Read More
July 2011Information Risk Management – taking a risk management approachThe speakers were Liz Scott-Wilson and Patricia Bryant. There is very little information about this seminar, but for a very brief report Read More
May 2011Making the most of SharePoint: CLSIG/NetIKX Joint seminar John Quinn, James Andrews, Hugh O’Neill and Mark Field were our speakers for this joint session where CLISG joined with NetIKX for an in-depth look at SharePoint: its value to organisations as well as the risks and disadvantages. For very brief report on this seminar Read More
March 2011Knowledge Management – does it still have a role in organisational strategy?Nick Milton led an exciting session looking at a model of knowledge based on competence in 4 different areas:, He was joined by Linda Wishart.from the Ministry of Health. For a report Read More
January 2011Using social media to achieve organisational goals – implications for organisational and IM/KM policies and strategies Dr Hazel Hall and Nicky Whitsed spoke at this follow-on seminar to a previous one, where we had introduced our members to a range of social media tools, and questioned if and how NetIKX might use them and also guide people in their use. Although our January 2010 seminar was very popular, there was still some scepticism about the value of social media tools. This time, the tone was perhaps more one of how organisations might be persuaded to adopt the wider use of social media. For a report and link to our blog Read More


November 2010Information Asset Registers – the why, what, how and who of it all …Alec Mulinder, Chris Beetham, Noeleen Schenk and Bob McLean spoke at this meeting but we have no report. For the listing. Read More
September 2010Managing personal information and knowledge needs and NetIKX AGMStephen Dale and Mark Field.led this meeting but we have no report. For the listing Read More
July 2010Sharepoint – present and future Marc Stephenson, Cerys Hearsey and Jill Halford were our speakers but we have no report. For the listing.Read More
May 2010IM / KM competencies – past, present and futureOur speakers were Angela Abell, Sue Westcott and Peter McMeekin but we have no report. For the listing Read More
March 2010Protecting information and knowledge assets and resources: a commercial provider’s viewpoint Malcolm Weston.spoke here but we have no report. For the listing Read More
January 2010Social networking tools – should they be taken seriously?Suzanne Burge and Elisabeth Goodman, two NetIKX stalwarts, spoke at this seminar which was one of a series of seminars that helped Knowledge Managers understand the relevance of Social Media for their discipline. For the listing Read More


November 2009A journey: IRM to KM and beyond: building on the Willard ModelGraham Robertson and Bob Bater spoke at this seminar looking at the Willard Model for demonstrating the value of Knowledge Management to CEOs. For the listing Read More
September 2009Information assurance – am I bovvered? Preceded by NetIKX AGMVeronica Fraser.from the Ministry of Health led this meeting. For the listing Read More
May 2009The Knowledge Council: coordinating and reusing Government informationLed by Graham Monk of the Department of Work and Pensions, this meeting focused on Government KM. For the listing Read More
March 2009Knowledge Transfer Programme in Museums, Libraries and Archives (MLA) LondonVictoria Ward and Ellen Collins were our speakers. For the listing Read More
January 2009Person to person communications on the Internet: a BBC experienceWe were delighted to welcom the author Euan Semple.for this meeting. Sadly there is no report but for a link to Euan’s book and our listing Read More


November 2008Information literacy, Web 2.0 and the new librariansPeter Godwin.was our speaker. There is no report but for the listing Read More
September 2008Experience versus expertiseGeoff Parcell from Practical KM.was our speaker. There is no report but for the listing Read More
July 2008Anarchy in the enterprise? Using social media tools effectively in a corporate contextRichard Dennison, BT. There is no report but for the listing Read More
May 2008Records management: the bedrock of Knowledge ManagementMartin Sanderson led this meeting which was coordinated between NetIKX and the recruitment agency TFPL as part of their education programme.There is no report but for the listing.Read More
January 2008Social networking: focussing on social bookmarking Adrian Melrose, from Cogenz was our speaker. There is no report but for the listing Read More


November 2007How do we make people share their knowledge? Learning, sharing and collaborationDavid Gurteen from Gurteen Knowledge Community, gave the first of several Knowledge Cafes for NetIKX. There is no report but for the listing Read More
September 2007Standardising the language of Information and Knowledge Management Stella Dextre Clarke, Independent Consultant, spoke at this meeting. There is no report but for the listing Read More
July 2007Customer Relationship Management – what’s in it for me and why should I share my contacts?Howard Knight, Chief Information Officer, Lloyds of London led this meeting. There is no report but for the listing Read More
May 2007Information and Knowledge Management in everyday work The speaker was Kevin Miles, Head of Knowledge Management, Transport Research Laboratory. There is no report but for the listing Read More
March 2007The role of knowledge sharing in supporting learning in the workplaceLeela Damodaran, Professor of Paticipative Design and Change Management Loughborough University.
spoke at this meeting. There is no report but for the listing Read More
January 2007Demonstrating the value of Information and Knowledge Management – As simple as ABC? This was the inaugural meeting of NetIKX under its new name with a new focus on Knowledge Management as well as Information Management. David Skyrme, consultant, trainer and writer on information and knowledge management gave the new focus a very strong start. Unfortunately we have no report but for the listing Read More


November 2006Knowledge transfer in distributed teamsDr Jonathan Sapsed, Centre for Research in Innovation Management, University of Brighton
September 2006Practical experience of implementing KM in changing timesDr John Paul Kawalek,
ThinkTank International
July 2006Information and knowledge architecture – the essential blueprintPeter Griffiths, Head of Information Services, Home Office
May 2006Making space for knowledgeCharles Egbu, Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland
March 2006Weaving knowledge into the organisational fabricLeela Damodaran, Professor,
Loughborough University
January 2006Preservation and re-use of knowledgeHarry Scarbrough, Professor,
Warwick Business School


November 2005Delivering real value from IM & KM: gaining and sustaining senior management supportStuart Ward, Forward Consulting
September 2005Practical experience of implementing KM in changing timesLinda Wishart, Department of Health
July 2005Information and knowledge architecture – the essential blueprintBob Bater, Infoplex Associates
May 2005Making space for knowledgeAngela Dove, A Dove Consulting
March 2005Weaving knowledge into the organisational fabricChris Collison, Centrica
January 2005Preservation and re-use of knowledgeRobert Workman, BNFL


November 2004Developing a world class knowledge resource: the British Library in the 21st centuryJean Naylor, British Library
September 2004Open up! Meeting the challenge of the Freedom of Information ActColin Crooks, Department for Education and Science
July 2004Knowledge Management: Where now? Where next?David Skyrme, David Skyrme Associates Ltd
May 2004Classification and taxonomies within BBC New MediaMartin Belam, BBC
March 2004Developing category listsDanny Budzak, BeingDigital
January 2004Turning knowledge into a commercial propositionFrank Nigriello, Unipart


December 2003The Knowledge CaféDavid Gurteen, Knowledge Consultant,
Gurteen Knowledge
October 2003The Knowledge Network –
joined up government in action
Chris Hancock, KM Director,
Office of the e-Envoy
July 2003Practical, living taxonomiesDerek Sturdy, Managing Director,
Granite and Comfrey
May 2003Communities & information professionals – knowledge at the coalfaceJacky Berry, Head of Information Services, Linklaters
March 2003Making knowledge visible – information products, the neglected information assetLiz Orna, Orna Information and Editorial Consultancy
January 2003A knowledge management journey – from web to workplaceIbrahim Gogus, Knowledge Management Director, Oracle Corporation