October 2020 Seminar: From Hawley to the Edge of Intelligence : the continuing evolution of Knowledge and Information Management to adapt to the new normal


This seminar was all about the ‘Financial Times’ survey entitled ‘The edge of intelligence’ published in early March 2020.  Stephen Phillips is a member of CILIP, the Library and Information Association, which worked with the ‘Financial Times’ to commission a survey of its readers. The purpose of this was to build a better understanding of their perception of knowledge and information management.  This exercise followed on from the release in 2019, of ‘Information as an Asset’,  an update of an earlier report from the mid-1990s issued by the Hawley Committee.  NetIKX has always been deeply involved with this work and therefore wanted to provide an overview of the new report and how it had developed from the previous Hawley Report.  Stephen also discussed the ‘Key findings of Dell’s recent Digital Transformation Index’ which emphasised the importance of knowledge sharing, extraction of insights from data, skills in data analysis and related disciplines and the need to make business decisions based on data in real time.

The seminar therefore gave the audience an opportunity to reflect on the key findings of the survey and then discuss the practical ways that Knowledge and Information Managers can help their organisations going forward, through the pandemic, constantly maintaining and building on their success.


Stephen Phillips is the owner of Smart IM Ltd which he has created following on from a highly successful thirty year career in the financial services industry where he developed and implemented KM and IM strategy, 3rd party data sourcing and management and onshore/offshore staffing models. He has a track record of innovative use of technology to shape and manage workflows, 3rd party inventory, entitlements, credentials and usage tracking, machine translation and KM platforms. Smart IM provides strategic support to deliver these capabilities, including research, information and knowledge management solutions.

Stephen believes that world class Knowledge and Information Management enables good decision making and competitive advantage. Organisations can be helped to address four strategic imperatives : to increase revenues; to reduce costs; to mitigate risks and to comply with legal and regulatory obligations.
Stephen is 2021 Conference Chair for SLA Europe and Vice Chair of CILIP’s Knowledge and Information Management Member Network. He has previously served as President of the European Chapter of SLA and actively contributes to industry events and journals.

In his spare time, Stephen is a school trustee, he is a keen golfer, he likes to vacation in Portugal with his family and he enjoys long walks with Reggie, his Airedale terrier “discussing life, the universe and everything” …

Time and Venue

22nd October 2020 at 2:30 pm on the Zoom platform. This is a virtual session.


Will be made available after the session for members only.




See our blog report: Information as an Asset and the Hawley Report

Study Suggestions

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