May 2013 Seminar: Managing change


The successful management of change is essential for organisations in order to achieve positive outcomes when implementing new or revised policies, procedures and projects. During the seminar we discussed how to go about successful change management.
In an introduction we learnt that the majority of change projects fail – countless studies have found between a 60-80% failure rate for organisational change projects. So we were pleased to hear the speakers gave us their tips for successful projects! She focused on how to develop online communities during organisational changes and prove their value.

Online communities have an important role to play in our society – some have changed the world… Indymedia (started World Trade Organisation (WTO) protests), Occupy Wall Street, Howard Dean‘s presidential campaign via (he set up natural and real communities in every state, which Obama copied for his election campaign) and most famous of all, Julian Assange and Wikileaks. They also talked about the impact of good of anecdotes. Find your success stories and make sure you get them heard!


Lesley Trenner, Change Coach, a highly qualified and respected Change Coach specialising in leadership, career and midlife transitions. She has coached hundreds of clients ranging from top executives to job-seekers to people facing mid-life challenges like redundancy, career change or eldercare.

Janet Kaul, Knowledge Officer, NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre. Janet provides project and content management for the main website, as well as a personalisation site and corporate search tool. She handles service delivery, including writing business requirements and logging, tracking, and escalating bug fixes for those systems, and liaising with internal IT and vendors. Other responsibilities include handling business analysis, analytics, information architecture, taxonomy, testing, training on web systems, and user engagement. She consulted on the information architecture and usability of multiple other NHS websites, did training on corporate values, and assisted with projects including knowledge transfers, business process improvements, publications, intranet planning, and new employee orientation. She created and maintained a knowledge toolkit for retaining project and employee knowledge, and managed the transition of the corporate website into a new content management system, including tightening up the content and creating a new information architecture.

Before joining the web team, she did corporate knowledge management, setting up a knowledge library and running harvests and retrospectives, as well as managing a corporate library and knowledge networking site. She created a knowledge management group for NHS knowledge managers and spoke at various knowledge and information management seminars.

Time and Venue

2pm on 13th May, The British Dental Association, 64 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YS


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