November 2012 Seminar: Maximizing knowledge – sharing information conversationally through podcasts and social media


In this NetIKX workshop we heard how Helen led her team at A.T.Kearney in developing an innovative series of podcasts, providing a new, more conversational way of knowledge transfer for staff and potential customers. She has been able to quantify the number of podcast downloads using Google Analytics. The podcasts are easily exceeding their current KPI of 1000 hits per month, averaging around 3000-4000 hits/month. To promote the podcasts, Helen tweets links to them and the Marketing team then re-tweets these, to promote her Twitter handle.

No direct revenue has been produced yet, as the podcasts are free, but the team has started thinking about selling the podcast content as an e-book for a nominal price, to help reach a wider audience and potentially bring in some revenue. Helen concluded that “To innovate, you have to accept failure”. She didn’t know the series would be a success, and initially was embarrassed at the thought that they might fail, but went ahead and did it anyway.  This was a very inspiring event.


Helen Clegg, is the Knowledge Team Director Global, at AT Kearney, where she focuses on Knowledge-sharing solutions. She has developed and implemented a knowledge-sharing framework and supporting toolkit to enable consultants to better share lessons learned.  Helen has marketed product and service development. She has developed, implemented, marketed and project managed outsourced research offering for consultants.  Helen has also marketed communications. She researched, moderated, produced and marketed ‘Wave of The Future’ podcast series.

Time and Venue

November 2012, 2pm The British Dental Association, 64 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YS


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See our blog report: Maximizing knowledge – sharing information conversationally through podcasts and social media, Helen Clegg, 7 November 2012

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