September 2014 Seminar: Communities of Practice for the Post Recession Environment


The speaker for this seminar was Dion Lindsay of Dion Lindsay Consulting. Dion tackled big questions in his presentation, such as: Are the principles established for successful Communities of Practice (CoP’s) in the 1990’s and earlier still sound today ? He also asked what new principles and good practices are emerging as social media and other channels of communication become part of the operational infrastructure that we all inhabit ?
Communities of Interests are all about people who share an identity. They have a shared voice and conduct a shared activity. So ‘identity’ is a critical characteristic Also, there is an ongoing discussion about interests, an ongoing organisation of events and an interest in problems and solutions. This can take place in the workplace or in the public arena. Dion concluded his talk by saying that ‘you really have to want to do it’ to run a successful CoP. There are benefits to be had if there is proper facilitation. There must be adherence to best management practice. A CoP is, in reality, a ‘Community of Commitment’. It fits in very well indeed with project management.


Dion Lindsay is the Principal Consultant at Dion Lindsay Consulting Ltd which provides Knowledge Management and Organisation Learning Consultancy services and training in knowledge management, intranets and social media in the workplace. Attendees at training courses come from all sectors: public, commercial, academic, membership organisations.

Time and Venue

2pm on 16th September 2014, The British Dental Association, 64 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YS


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