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Our Next Seminar

Title:  Using Previously Hidden Knowledge to Think like a Genius: An Introduction to TRIZ
Date: Wednesday 26th March 2020

TRIZ is a little known methodology from Russia with a very big potential. Patterns that were uncovered while delving deep into the patents database have revealed around 100 concepts, principles and strategies to solve any problem. Learn how to use these and you can think like a genius!

In the 1940s, Genrich Alsthuller, the original ‘knowledge archaeologist’ credited with uncovering such a treasure chest of insights, explained this as cataloguing known success. What a great KM story!

TRIZ is currently used primarily in the field of engineering. Oxford Creativity has adapted ‘classic TRIZ’ to make it fast to learn and easy to apply. They, and in particular, Ron Donaldson https://rondon.wordpress.com, are keen to explore and promote TRIZ for use in business and in knowledge management and especially to realize the opportunities for improving knowledge sharing.

Ron will introduce us to the basic patterns and insights behind TRIZ and then open up a couple of techniques with which we can familiarize ourselves and apply during the syndicate session.


David Penfold at the Taxonomy Bootcamp
David Penfold manning the NetIKX store.

For some years, NetIKX has been an organisational supporter of the Taxonomy Boot Camp London event (TBCL) held at Olympia in the early Autumn. That means that we help to promote TBCL, especially to our members and social media followers, and in exchange we get a stall / table-top location to use to promote ourselves, two free tickets, and 30% off for our other members should they wish to take advantage.

This year we had a successful innovation – a Book Draw. It included two books: The KM Cookbook by Chris Collison, Paul Corney and Patricia Eng Lee, from Facet Publishing. Two of the authors have spoken at NetIKX seminars, so they are ‘family’.  The second book was The Knowledge Management Handbook, 2nd edition, by Nick Milton and Patrick Lambe, from Kogan Page. Note that Patrick was present at TBCL and delivered a tutorial session on the opening day. The Book Draw was popular with the authors and publishers and led to considerable interest in our stall. We look forward to the Bootcamp next year to bring more benefit to NetIKX members!

Anoushka Ferrari with Helen Lippell, organiser of the Taxonomy Bootcamp
Anoushka Ferrari with Helen Lippell, organiser of the Taxonomy Bootcamp.

Emma Hopkins, who won the KM Cookbook.

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“Superb presentations. Excellent syndicate session.”

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