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News (last update 15 April 2021)

Next NetIKX Seminar

The next seminar will be on Thursday 27 May 2021 and will again be a virtual one, using the Zoom platform.

The status of KM in 2020, and trends for the future

In early 2020, Knoco undertook a third global “state of the art” survey of Knowledge Management. The results give a snapshot of the state of pre-covid KM, and comparison with previous surveys allows trends to be identified.

The speaker will be Nick Milton.

For further information and registration details, see the Events page.

Provisonal Future Programme of Seminars – details nearer the date.

July 2021

Provisional Title: the neuroscience of knowledge, Information and Memory
We are hoping to secure an eminent University Professor to come and share the latest research and insights into how the mind works and how we process and store knowledge and Information.

Change of Chair

Lissi Corfield stood down as chair at the end of August, although she continues to act as treasurer. We are all grateful for the work that Lissi has done during her years as chair.

David Penfold has taken over as Acting Chair until the next AGM.

Prize Draw announcement

We are pleased to announce that Isobel Taylor has won our competition to win a book.

This is The KM Cookbook by Paul Corney et al.  The photo of the winner with the book will appear on this website as soon as we can arrange for the photo to be taken!

Welcome to our updated website

We are still working on moving over all our content, but the website is now ready for booking seminars, joining NetIKX and contacting us. Please have a look. If you would like to give us feedback, read on:

Win a Book

This competition closed in March.  Look out for a second chance to win Paul Corney’s book soon…

The book that was available at our last seminar:  Paul Corney et al: The KM Cookbook could be yours for no money at all.  Just look at our website and send an email to:  with a subject line:  Prize.  You can send a blank email or add a comment about the website.   All replies before the end of Feb will go into a prize draw for March 1st. Have a go now – the odds are much better than the National Lottery, and the prize much more useful! For an earlier winner of The KM Cookbook see the Taxonomy Bootcamp below.

Helpful people wanted

NetIKX is run by a voluntary committee and we are a thriving group, but currently short of a few members. Are you one of the people we need? Skills we would like include general admin, publicity and PR, financial management and WordPress knowledge. If you think you have these skills, or just a general desire to help, please let us know. We can offer tasks that fit your personal workload, with a focus on what you want to do. It is a great opportunity to branch out in the world of KM.


David Penfold at the Taxonomy Bootcamp
David Penfold manning the NetIKX store.

For some years, NetIKX has been an organisational supporter of the Taxonomy Boot Camp London event (TBCL) held at Olympia in the early Autumn. That means that we help to promote TBCL, especially to our members and social media followers, and in exchange we get a stall / table-top location to use to promote ourselves, two free tickets, and 30% off for our other members should they wish to take advantage.

This year we had a successful innovation – a Book Draw. It included two books: The KM Cookbook by Chris Collison, Paul Corney and Patricia Eng Lee, from Facet Publishing. Two of the authors have spoken at NetIKX seminars, so they are ‘family’.  The second book was The Knowledge Management Handbook, 2nd edition, by Nick Milton and Patrick Lambe, from Kogan Page. Note that Patrick was present at TBCL and delivered a tutorial session on the opening day. The Book Draw was popular with the authors and publishers and led to considerable interest in our stall. We look forward to the Bootcamp next year to bring more benefit to NetIKX members!

Anoushka Ferrari with Helen Lippell, organiser of the Taxonomy Bootcamp
Anoushka Ferrari with Helen Lippell, organiser of the Taxonomy Bootcamp.

Emma Hopkins, who won the KM Cookbook.

Who we are

NetIKX is an independent community interested in information and knowledge management. We offer:

Up to six friendly, interactive meetings each yearNetworking and sharing opportunities
Stimulating, thought leading speakersQuality resources available online
Practical focus on IM and KM challengesInexpensive membership

What people say

“Superb presentations. Excellent syndicate session!”

“Very well organised, excellent clear presentation. Very interesting and useful!”

“In its scope, focus, meetings programme and diversity of membership, the Network has been one of the most valuable I have been involved with.”

“Took away several pragmatic ideas that I can apply to the work place – thanks!”

“Superb presentations. Excellent syndicate session.”

“Huge thank you to the speakers.”

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