March 2013 Seminar: Knowledge management: past, present and future

Summary Summary: Stuart Ward was the original founder of NetIKX when it evolved from previous Information Management groups. He led the meeting through the changes in KM since then and provided a model of how to help our businesses see the value of KM. Lissi gave an overview of her research into three case studies […]

May 2013 Seminar: Managing change

Summary The successful management of change is essential for organisations in order to achieve positive outcomes when implementing new or revised policies, procedures and projects. During the seminar we discussed how to go about successful change management. In an introduction we learnt that the majority of change projects fail – countless studies have found between […]

July 2013 Seminar: Data protection: the good, the bad and the future

Summary Dave provided an update on the Data Protection situation in the UK and presented us with an excellent insider view of what will be important in the near future. Speakers Dave Evans, Senior Policy Officer, Information Commissioner’s Office. Dave has worked on local govt, health and education information governance issues including: The DCLG’s Transparency […]

September 2013 Seminar: Title: The Knowledge Council and the KIM professional

Summary Karen took us on a tour of the Knowledge Council’s work so that we were all aware of the latest developments in the Government’s thinking. She encouraged us to be encouraged by the Government’s serious embrace of KIM ideas and practices. Speakers Karen McFarlane, Chair of the Government’s Knowledge Council and Government Head of […]

November 2013 Seminar: Knowledge organisation past present and future

Summary This event was all about information and knowledge management within organisations. The speakers looked at how IKM has evolved and where it’s likely to go next. David Skryme talked about capturing the most important information as being a vital part of knowledge management. Communities are essential for developing tacit knowledge, through people talking to […]

January 2020 Seminar: Virtual working and learning: is it working for you?

Summary NetIKX had a dazzling meeting with Paul Corney, President-elect of CILIP, showing his wealth of knowledge about meetings of all kinds, and specifically virtual meetings.  The presentation ranged from detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of technology packages – where he pulled out some surprising issues to watch out for – to the […]

July 2019 Seminar: Using content strategy to meet your business goals: content strategy at work

Summary The seminar in July received very positive feedback. The two speakers were able to present their different perspectives on this practical topic with expertise and they coordinated together like the perfect double act! The audience learnt from first hand experience how to work through the four stages of Content Strategy development, and then had […]

May 2019 Seminar: Information Literacy: Current Ideas and Developments plus NetIKX AGM

Summary This session provided an opportunity to discuss current ideas and developments relating to information literacy (IL). Last year, CILIP completely overhauled its definition of IL. Unlike the previous version, which was heavily focused on academic skills, the 2018 definition places IL firmly in a broad societal context that no longer resides just within higher […]

March 2019 Seminar: Open Data

Summary At this meeting David Penfold gave an introduction to the applications and implications of Open Data and the related topic of Linked Data. As more and more data is generated daily, and even by the minute, how that data is used and what information can be obtained from it becomes more and more significant. […]

January 2019 Seminar: Making and sharing knowledge in communities: can wikis and related tools help?

Summary At this meeting Andy Mabbett, a hugely experienced Wikipedia editor, gave an introduction to the background of Wikipedia and discussed many of the issues that it raises. Accumulating, organising and sharing knowledge is never easy; this is the problem Knowledge Management sought to address. Today we hope networked electronic platforms can facilitate the process. […]

November 2018 Seminar: The Networkness of Networks

Summary At this meeting Yasmin Merali, Professor of Systems Thinking and Director of the Centre for Systems Studies at Hull University Business School, and Drew Mackie gave an introduction to network science and demonstrated some practical applications. Speakers Yasmin Morali is Professor of Systems Thinking and Director of the Centre for Systems Studies at Hull […]

September 2018 Seminar: Ontologies and domain modelling: a fun (honest!) and friendly introduction

Summary At this lively meeting Helen Lippell and Silver Oliver introduced ontologies and explained how they could be used. Michael Smethurst and Anya Somerville ran an interactive practical session Speakers Helen Lippell has run her own consultancy since 2007, working as a specialist in taxonomy, metadata, ontologies and enterprise search. She loves getting stuck into […]

July 2018 Seminar: Machines and Morality: Can AI be Ethical?

Summary At this meeting Stephanie Mathisen, Policy Manager at Sense About Science, and Tamara Ansons, Behavioural Science Consultant at Ipsos, addressed the question of the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence – is it possible for machines to have morality? Speakers Dr Tamara L Ansons is an expert on behavioural science. After receiving her PhD in Brain […]

June 2018 Seminar: Organising Medical and Health-related Information

Summary At this meeting held in Leeds, Ewan Davis, one of the first developers of a GP computerised health record system, discussed Electronic Health Records. This is a joint meeting with ISKO UK. Speakers Ewan Davis was one of the first developers of a GP computerised health record system. His background is solidly in Health […]

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May 2018 Seminar: Trust and integrity in information

The question of how we identify trustworthy sources of information formed the basis of this varied and thought-provoking seminar. Hanna Chalmers, Senior Director of IPSOS Mori, detailed the initial results of a recent poll on trust in the media. Events such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal have resulted in a general sense that trust in the media is in a state of crisis.