July 2016 Seminar: Understanding Networks – and how to win friends and influence people


If you were to ask your CEO or manager how knowledge and information flows through your organisation, you will probably be shown an organisation chart. This is all very well in theory, but the days of strict hierarchies for communicating and sharing knowledge and information have long been consigned to history. In today’s global economy, working practices rely almost entirely on networks and networking. Today’s networks include both business and social interactions, making possible new types of insight and intelligence. Trends and patterns that could never be detected by human intelligence alone can be made visible in a network.

But do we really understand what our networks look like, and our place in them? Why do some people appear to have more influence than others? Why do some teams collaborate and share knowledge more effectively than others? How can we become more effective networkers and what interventions are required to improve the social and professional networks that we belong to?

The importance of networks and networking in our personal and professional lives cannot be understated. Yet there is still widespread ignorance on this topic. This seminar explored the theory and practice of networks and networking and provided delegates with insights into how they can exploit network thinking in order to become more productive, better engaged and – perhaps – more influential!


Drew and David are currently on the Joined Up Digital project for the Centre for Ageing Better, following an exploration into Living Well in the Digital Age with the Age Action Alliance. They have developed social network mapping for the Croydon Best Start programme and other clients, and also created a suite of workshop games and simulations to support co-design. They used these projects to illustrate their approach.

Drew Mackie is a recognised expert in the Kumu online system of network visualisation and is particularly interested in using network methods to evaluate changes in connectivity over the life of projects.

David Willcox has been a print journalist, consultant in regeneration partnerships and community engagement over the past 40 years. David’s work recently has focused on how to mix face-to-face and online activities for collaboration.

Time and Venue

2pm, Thursday 14 July 2016, The British Dental Association, 64 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YS

Pre Event Information

• To provide an understanding of network building, network analysis and networking
• To give a practical introduction to network visualisation and analysis tools
• To recognise the importance of networks and networking for more effective team building, user/customer engagement, professional development and knowledge sharing


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