Blog for May 2023 Seminar : Does Knowledge Management need to change ?

Steve Dale led our seminar which was an ‘open session’ aimed to encourage discussion and challenge. He examined these questions : What is KM ? Does KM get confused with IM. What is the difference ? Does the size of an organization determine the success or failure of a KM strategy ? In the 1990’s […]

May 2023 Seminar : Does Knowledge Management need to change ?

Summary This ‘simple question’ was put to our audience in NetIKX’s first ‘live meeting’ in over 3 years. Our speaker looked back over 40 Information Management (IM) / Knowledge Management (KM) projects that he has managed in a 35 years plus career. He questioned whether KM processes and disciplines have helped or hindered the desired […]

Blog for September 2022 Seminar : Conversational Leadership Café : Is this our Gutenberg moment !

This seminar was presented by David Gurteen who has been running Knowledge Cafés for 20 years. He has a growing interest in the power of conversation. He has written a blook on conversational leadership. He has researched, reflected upon and written about ‘conversations’. Conversation is a potentially powerful response to the problems that we face […]

Blog for July 2022 Seminar: Sparks into Light. Complexity and the Development Sector

Our Seminar Speaker  was Emma Jones (BSc, MSc) who is a Senior Researcher and SenseMaker® practitioner at the Cynefin Company, and leads the Power, Discrimination and Conflict programme. Cynefin is an action, research and development hub which specialises in the application of anthrocomplexity using complexity oriented tools and applying them across research, government and organisations. […]

Blog for May 2022 Seminar: MS Teams – The Case for Information Architecture and Governance

This seminar was given by Alex Church a Senior Consultant with Metataxis. Metataxis has clients in central and local government; charities and non-profit organisations; the private sector; higher education and much more. Metataxis is in the business of managing information. What is Teams ?  Teams is all about communication (chat, audio/video conferencing, telephony) and collaboration […]

May 2022 Seminar: MS Teams – The Case for Information Architecture and Governance

Summary This meeting was about MS Teams and, in essence, MS Teams are about communication (chat, audio/video conferencing, telephony) and collaboration (content sharing, storage, task management etc.). Teams is just one part of Office 365 which is a whole set of cloud business applications. However, before deploying Teams you will need an Information Management Strategy, […]

Blog Report for January 2022 Seminar : Introduction to Radical Knowledge Management

Summary The speaker (Stephanie Barnes) started from the premise that in this global and digital age we must focus on people, processes and technology. We are all leaders and we must use the knowledge and tools available to us in creative and innovative ways. Therefore we must employ critical thinking, resilience and reflection in a […]

January 2022 Seminar: Introduction to Radical Knowledge Management

Summary : With the ongoing development of technology and its impact on every workplace in industry and commerce we must seek to radicalise the effectiveness of Knowledge Management by learning lessons from the creative essence of art and artists. In this way we can increase productivity and liberate insightful improvements to industrial and commercial processes […]

Blog for November 2021 Seminar : Writing for the web – perspectives and practical advice

This blog is the result of the work of one of the ‘break-out-groups’ during the NetIKX seminar held by Teodora Petkova on November 25th 2021 entitled “Writing for the web: perspectives and practical advice”. For an excellent review of this seminar please start off with a blog written by Carlin Parry which ‘sets the scene’ […]

November 2021 Seminar: Writing for the Web: Perspectives and Practical Advice.

Summary This meeting was an unusual choice for NetIKX, but it proved extremely wide ranging and informative.  We considered how writing for the web  is different from other content? What are the processes and principles guiding web content and are there any hard-and-fast rules to stick to when crafting texts for the Web? These are […]