Welcome to NetIKX Members Page

Members of NetIKX are a key part of our network. We hope you enjoy the benefits of membership. Contact us if you want to talk about your membership at any time.

All members are welcome to come to 6 seminars each year – although Corporate members must liaise with their main representative to be sure to have a place (Corporates are restricted to maximum of 5 people at any one seminar)

You will also have access to our members directory. This tells you the names of our individual members and the names of our Corporate members main representative.

What we ask of you. Please be responsible for the care of NetIKX. In particular, we ask you to remember that some speakers offer resources that are ‘members only’. You can access these if you are an individual member or the main representative of a Corporate membership. These resources are for our members, or us by the Corporate, but should not be shared more widely at the request of the speaker themselves.

Guest: If you have a colleague or friend who you think would enjoy a NetIKX seminar, you are welcome to let us know and we will reserve a free space for them, as long as the seminar is not over-booked. Any guest will be very welcome to attend one free seminar.

There is information about joining or renewing your membership of NetIKX on our join us page