July 2020 Seminar: Time critical user centred library web design


Antony Groves, from the University of Sussex gave a lively account of how his team have made ten changes to the library website since lockdown. He talked about benchmarking, user surveys and feedback and plenty of iterations to get things right.

They have had two aims: to make the site accessible to meet Government requirements and also to make the site as useful as possible during the lockdown period. This was a huge challenge in difficult circumstances, but the efforts were rewarded by a ‘Customer Service Excellence’ award. NetIKX members have commented on how valuable the session was for their own work in this area and there were plenty of questions to Antony to complete the session.


Antony Groves is Learning and Teaching Librarian at the University of Sussex. He also blogs for CILIP’s Multimedia Information and Technology Group.

Time and Venue

2.30 pm Wednesday 22 July 2020. Antony’s talk was delivered via Zoom.


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