July 2022 Seminar: Sparks into Light: Complexity and the Development Sector


Despite our best efforts at union, we live in a world of division. A world where competing political rhetoric causes anger and conflict ; where ideological differences lead to privilege, poverty, and discriminative stereotypes, and where mass media is powered by sensationalism and severance to sell. A world of power, discrimination, and conflict. But as human beings, through our very nature of being we have more that brings us together than sets us apart.

The Cynefin Company (formerly Cognitive Edge) has launched a new research programme: Power, Discrimination and Conflict, which focuses on the application of complexity-informed approaches within and across the Development sector. We learned about new research methods, epistemic justice, and new theories of change!


Emma Jones (BSc, MSc) is a Senior Researcher and SenseMaker ® practitioner at the Cynefin Company, and leads the Power, Discrimination and Conflict programme. During her work at the Cynefin Company, she has led Sensemaker projects around the world within governance and policy, semiotics, health, mental health and well-being, domestic violence prevention, organisational cultures, and economic growth and social justice within developing countries.

Time and Venue

Thursday July 28th, 2022 at 2:30pm via the zoom online platform.




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