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Our Next Event

Thursday September 29th, 2022 at 2:30 pm

Conversational Leadership Café  : Is this our Gutenberg Moment !

Summary : The theme of this Knowledge Café concerns ‘the Gutenberg moment’ when the refinement of the printing press by Gutenberg in 1436 had a massive impact on the world. It led on to the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment. Also, it led on to the Protestant Reformation which undermined the power of the Catholic Church, which, in turn led on to the  thirty years war which was so destructive that it cost between 4 and 12 million lives. This was about 20% of Europe’s population. They perished mainly from disease and famine.  Now, with the invention of social media are we going through a second Gutenberg Revolution ?

Speaker : David Gurteen

Future NetIKX Seminars

Our Programme is currently being planned.

We are working on a variety of topics for future meetings and they will be announced in due course. We hope to hold a meeting on the thinking and writings of Max Boisot and his concept of the ‘i-space’, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Further information will be posted here as it becomes available. Members and those on our mailing list will receive information by email.


Our May blog is now available.  Alex Church – a Senior Consultant with Metataxis – gave a seminar on MS Teams. MS Teams is all about communication and collaboration.  Read our blog here. Speaker slides from some of our seminars will be available to our members soon.  To get your member password, contact

Opportunities for KIM enthusiasts! The NetIKX Committee welcomes new members.  We have space for people with a range of skills, so contact us now to talk about how you could gain useful experience while contributing to NetIKX’s programme.

NetIKX is a Government Learning Pathway. Did you know that the Government KIM Communities pages includes NetIKX as a recommended Learning Pathway for Civil Servants?  Follow the link and scroll down to find learning pathways: https://www.gov.uk/government/organs/civil-service-government-knowledge-information-management-profession/about

NetIKX at Bootcamp 2019

David Penfold at the Taxonomy Bootcamp

Who we are

NetIKX is an independent community interested in information and knowledge management. We offer:

Up to six friendly, interactive meetings each yearNetworking and sharing opportunities
Stimulating, thought leading speakersQuality resources available online
Practical focus on IM and KM challengesInexpensive membership

What people say

“Superb presentations. Excellent syndicate session!”

“Very well organised, excellent clear presentation. Very interesting and useful!”

“In its scope, focus, meetings programme and diversity of membership, the Network has been one of the most valuable I have been involved with.”

“Took away several pragmatic ideas that I can apply to the work place – thanks!”

“Superb presentations. Excellent syndicate session.”

“Huge thank you to the speakers.”

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