September 2011 Seminar: Developing our capability – A practical tool-kit for IM/KM practitioners and their customers


Chris introduced the subject by saying that River Diagrams are a way to visualise the results from a maturity model or self-assessment tool, looking through the lens of knowledge-sharing.

This: “provides a systematic framework for carrying out benchmarking and performance improvement.”
Chris described knowledge management as a learning marketplace, with supply (of people with knowledge) and demand (of people needing to learn).  For any marketplace to work effectively, however, it needs a shared currency (so there is benefit to both sides in making the trade) and a common language (so that what is being traded is clearly understood by both parties).

Chris described a River Diagram exercise from his time at BP, where they wanted to compare their 99 business units to agree which operational areas they all had in common (eg health & safety, corrosion management, water handling, etc), and benchmark performance of all the business units in each area.


Chris Collison is an Independent Consultant. He works with Knowledgeable Ltd, as a Knowledge Management Coach, Trainer, Facilitator and Speaker.  He works with a wide variety of organisations, helping them to improve their performance by discovering and sharing what they know.  Chris has had the privilege to work with over 130 clients, including: Shell, Pfizer, Roche, ConocoPhillips, Schlumberger, Vodafone, Syngenta, Oracle, PwC, the NHS, UN, World Bank, International Olympic Committee and ten UK Government departments.

Time and Venue

September 2011, 2pm The British Dental Association, 64 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YS


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