May 2018 Seminar: Trust and integrity in information


The question of how we identify trustworthy sources of information formed the basis of this varied and thought-provoking seminar. Hanna Chalmers, Senior Director of IPSOS Mori, detailed the initial results of a recent poll on trust in the media. Events such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal have resulted in a general sense that trust in the media is in a state of crisis. Hanna suggested that it is more accurate to talk of trust in the media as being in flux, rather than in crisis. Dr Brennan Jacoby from Philosophy at Work, approached the topic of trust from a different angle – what do we mean by trust? The element of vulnerability is what distinguishes trust from mere reliance: when we trust, we risk being betrayed. This resulted in a fascinating discussion with practical audience suggestions.


Hanna Chalmers is a media research expert, having worked client side at the BBC and Universal Music before moving agency side with a stint at IPG agency Initiative and joining Ipsos as a senior director in the quality team just under three years ago. Hanna works across a broad range of media and tech clients exploring areas that are often high up the political agenda. Hanna has been looking at trust in media over the last year and is delighted to be showcasing some of the most recent findings of a global survey looking at our relationship with trust and the media around the world.
Dr Brennan Jacoby is the founder of Philosophy at Work. A philosophy PhD, Brennan has spent the last 6 years helping businesses address their most important issues. While he specialises on bringing a thoughtful approach to a range of topics from resilience, communication, innovation and leadership, his PhD analysed trust, and he has written, presented and trained widely on the topic of trustworthiness and how to build trust. Recent organisations he has worked with include: Deloitte, Media Arts Lab and Viacom. Website:

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2pm on 24th May 2018, The British Dental Association, 64 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YS

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In this new media age, the flow of information is often much faster than our ability to absorb and criticise it. This poses a whole set of problems for us individually, and in our organisations and social groupings, especially as important decisions with practical consequences are often made on the basis of our possibly ill-informed judgements. There is currently a huge interest in the area of ‘fake news’ and ‘alternative facts’ and other ‘post truth’ information disorders circulating in the traditional and social media, and it is appropriate for us as Knowledge and Information Professionals to be able to operate successfully in this increasingly difficult environment, and provide expertise in information literacy and fact-checking to bring to our workplaces.


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