NetIKX seminar report – ‘Ensuring business value and cost-effectiveness’, 25 September 2012

Blog by Emily Heath. One of our five key themes in NetIKX’s 2010-2012 seminar framework has been ensuring business value and cost effectiveness in everything that we do.  In fact it is such an important theme, that our 2013-2015 framework will be highlighting it as a key perspective to underline all our seminars. Our two […]

September 2012 Seminar: Ensuring business value and cost-effectiveness in what we do

Summary Our two speakers at NetIKX’s September 2012 seminar operate in two very different sectors. However, both share a commitment to deliver value and ensure cost effectiveness to both internal and external clients, which gave them valuable insights to share with us on this important topic. Roger talked about gaining acceptance for KM within an organisation by making sure […]

July 2012 Seminar: Digital preservation – Help!

Summary This NetIKX event had two speakers giving contrasting case studies on digital preservation. A wide variety of issues were raised for general discussion at the end of the event. Speakers Mark Merifield, works at the National Archives, as Manager of Records Information Services. Mark Provides advice, training and guidance to Central Government on the […]

March 2012 Seminar: The role of KM in supporting new ways of working

Summary This NetIKX event looked at innovation within organisations and demonstrated the value that KM can offer. Case studies were discussed from the Chartered Management Institute. Speakers John Davies, Business Consultant, Head of Learning and Consulting, Idox plc  He specialises in Strategy and change management Piers Cain, Chartered Management Institute.  Head of Knowledge Management. He […]

January 2012 Seminar: Social Media – what next and what can we do with it?

Summary This was out third meeting on the theme of social media in so many years.   The speakers identified that the key to effective use of social media is to be clear about who we are trying to target and what tool or tools they would use.  They discussed the difficulty of changing mindsets within […]

November 2011 Seminar: What next for the web? – a look at linked data and semantic search

Summary This was a joint event, run with the Information for Energy Group (IFEG) and hosted at The Energy Institute.  The session addressed the issue of linked data and the semantic web. Whereas Web 1.0 might be thought of as ‘brochure ware’, one-way communication, and Web 2.0 has come to mean interactive, two-way communication online, […]

September 2011 Seminar: Developing our capability – A practical tool-kit for IM/KM practitioners and their customers

Summary Chris introduced the subject by saying that River Diagrams are a way to visualise the results from a maturity model or self-assessment tool, looking through the lens of knowledge-sharing. This: “provides a systematic framework for carrying out benchmarking and performance improvement.” Chris described knowledge management as a learning marketplace, with supply (of people with […]

July 2011 Seminar: Information Risk Management – taking a risk management approach

Summary We have no information relating to this session Speakers Liz Scott-Wilson –  Information Architect who focuses on enterprise search and document management strategies Patricia Bryant – Information Management Speaker.  Her specialism is risk management. Time and Venue July 2011, 2pm The British Dental Association, 64 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YS Slides No slides available Tweets […]

May 2011 Seminar: Making the most of SharePoint.

Summary This was a joint session where CLISG joined with NetIKX for an in-depth look at SharePoint: its value to organisations as well as the risks and disadvantages. Speakers Mark Field is Principal Knowledge Manager & Knowledge Management Lead at the Department for Education. John Quinn, James Andrews and Hugh O’Neill also supported Mark Time and […]

Knowledge management and organisational strategy – NetIKX March 2011 seminar

Another lively and thought-provoking NetIKX seminar took place on Thursday 24 March at the British Dental Association which is fast becoming our preferred location as healthy numbers of people continue to support our programme. Flooding at Trafalgar Square, power cuts on the underground and speakers stuck on trains gave us a few hairy moments but […]

March 2011 Seminar: Knowledge Management – does it still have a role in organisational strategy?

Summary Nick led an exciting session looking at a model of knowledge based on competence in 4 different areas: * Potential competence (in business terms looking at emerging markets) * Competitive competence * Core competence * Others’ competence Nick’s view was that the other category related to Outsourcing and Quality assurance but it led to […]

January 2011 Seminar: Using social media to achieve organisational goals implications for organisational and IM/KM policies and strategies

Summary This was a follow-on seminar to one hosted the previous year, where we had introduced our members to a range of social media tools, and questioned if and how NetIKX might use them and also guide people in their use.  Although our January 2010 seminar was very popular, there was still some scepticism about […]

November 2010 Seminar: Information Asset Registers – the why, what, how and who of it all …

Summary There is no information available Speakers Noeleen Schenk, Director and IKM Consultant Alec Mulinder, ITIL Specialist, technical lead on Digital Contiuity Project, The National Archives Chris Beetham, QA Team Leader and Patchmaster, REOCO/ Aircom International Bob McLean, Information Governance Manager, The Wellcome Trust Time and Venue November 2010, 2pm The British Dental Association, 64 […]

September 2010 Seminar: Managing personal information and knowledge needs

Summary This meeting also included the NetIKX AGM Speakers Stephen Dale, Director, Collabor8now Ltd Mark Field, Principal Knowledge Manager, Department for Education Time and Venue September 2010, 2pm The British Dental Association, 64 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YS Slides No slides available Tweets #netikx Blog No blog available Study Suggestion None

July 2010 Seminar: Sharepoint – present and future

Summary No information is available Speakers Cerys Hearsey, consultant Metataxis Jill Halford, Independent Information and Library Professional at V-Consult Ltd Marc Stephenson, Director, Metataxis Time and Venue July 2010, 2pm The British Dental Association, 64 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YS Slides No slides available Tweets #netikx Blog No blog available Study Suggestions None