May 2014 Seminar: Information on the Move

Summary The first speaker, David, spoke about ‘The second digital transition’ which means that there will be no librarians (as we know them) by 2022. ‘The first digital revolution’ took place in the office or in the library. The device – the PC – was desk bound, office bound. ‘The second digital revolution’ is taking […]

March 2014 Seminar: Incentivising knowledge sharing behaviours

Summary Steve Dale gave an excellent presentation on the ‘hot topic’ of ‘gamification’. Quite simply, ‘gamification’ is the process of applying game elements to non-game applications using the fundamentals of human psychology to address motivation, ability levels and ‘triggers’. Steve instanced a number of examples – from a multitude: within the NHS (a gamification app […]

January 2014 Seminar: When space matters (for collaboration, innovation and knowledge transfer)

Summary Paul delivered a thrilling tour around the world, looking at how the physical space available for knowledge management will affect the outcomes. He shared his wealth of experience with appropriate slides and anecdotes to ensure his audience were given plenty of insights into what works well and what less so. Paul also provided practical […]

November 2013 Seminar: Knowledge organisation past present and future

Summary This event was all about information and knowledge management within organisations. The speakers looked at how IKM has evolved and where it’s likely to go next. David Skryme talked about capturing the most important information as being a vital part of knowledge management. Communities are essential for developing tacit knowledge, through people talking to […]

September 2013 Seminar: Title: The Knowledge Council and the KIM professional

Summary Karen took us on a tour of the Knowledge Council’s work so that we were all aware of the latest developments in the Government’s thinking. She encouraged us to be encouraged by the Government’s serious embrace of KIM ideas and practices. Speakers Karen McFarlane, Chair of the Government’s Knowledge Council and Government Head of […]

July 2013 Seminar: Data protection: the good, the bad and the future

Summary Dave provided an update on the Data Protection situation in the UK and presented us with an excellent insider view of what will be important in the near future. Speakers Dave Evans, Senior Policy Officer, Information Commissioner’s Office. Dave has worked on local govt, health and education information governance issues including: The DCLG’s Transparency […]

May 2013 Seminar: Managing change

Summary The successful management of change is essential for organisations in order to achieve positive outcomes when implementing new or revised policies, procedures and projects. During the seminar we discussed how to go about successful change management. In an introduction we learnt that the majority of change projects fail – countless studies have found between […]

March 2013 Seminar: Knowledge management: past, present and future

Summary Summary: Stuart Ward was the original founder of NetIKX when it evolved from previous Information Management groups. He led the meeting through the changes in KM since then and provided a model of how to help our businesses see the value of KM. Lissi gave an overview of her research into three case studies […]

January 2013 Seminar: Born digital or Digital native?

Summary This meeting was a lively and engaging session. We heard from Karen Blakeman and Graham Coult who spoke about the way technology is changing lives through the perspective of the differences that our individual experience will provide.  The idea that a ‘digital native’ will be confident and well informed about the implications of new […]

November 2012 Seminar: Maximizing knowledge – sharing information conversationally through podcasts and social media

Summary In this NetIKX workshop we heard how Helen led her team at A.T.Kearney in developing an innovative series of podcasts, providing a new, more conversational way of knowledge transfer for staff and potential customers. She has been able to quantify the number of podcast downloads using Google Analytics. The podcasts are easily exceeding their […]

NetIKX seminar report – ‘Ensuring business value and cost-effectiveness’, 25 September 2012

Blog by Emily Heath. One of our five key themes in NetIKX’s 2010-2012 seminar framework has been ensuring business value and cost effectiveness in everything that we do.  In fact it is such an important theme, that our 2013-2015 framework will be highlighting it as a key perspective to underline all our seminars. Our two […]

September 2012 Seminar: Ensuring business value and cost-effectiveness in what we do

Summary Our two speakers at NetIKX’s September 2012 seminar operate in two very different sectors. However, both share a commitment to deliver value and ensure cost effectiveness to both internal and external clients, which gave them valuable insights to share with us on this important topic. Roger talked about gaining acceptance for KM within an organisation by making sure […]

July 2012 Seminar: Digital preservation – Help!

Summary This NetIKX event had two speakers giving contrasting case studies on digital preservation. A wide variety of issues were raised for general discussion at the end of the event. Speakers Mark Merifield, works at the National Archives, as Manager of Records Information Services. Mark Provides advice, training and guidance to Central Government on the […]

March 2012 Seminar: The role of KM in supporting new ways of working

Summary This NetIKX event looked at innovation within organisations and demonstrated the value that KM can offer. Case studies were discussed from the Chartered Management Institute. Speakers John Davies, Business Consultant, Head of Learning and Consulting, Idox plc  He specialises in Strategy and change management Piers Cain, Chartered Management Institute.  Head of Knowledge Management. He […]

January 2012 Seminar: Social Media – what next and what can we do with it?

Summary This was out third meeting on the theme of social media in so many years.   The speakers identified that the key to effective use of social media is to be clear about who we are trying to target and what tool or tools they would use.  They discussed the difficulty of changing mindsets within […]