November 2018 Seminar: The Networkness of Networks

Summary At this meeting Yasmin Merali, Professor of Systems Thinking and Director of the Centre for Systems Studies at Hull University Business School, and Drew Mackie gave an introduction to network science and demonstrated some practical applications. Speakers Yasmin Merali is Professor of Systems Thinking and Director of the Centre for Systems Studies at Hull […]

September 2018 Seminar: Ontologies and domain modelling: a fun (honest!) and friendly introduction

Summary At this lively meeting Helen Lippell and Silver Oliver introduced ontologies and explained how they could be used. Michael Smethurst and Anya Somerville ran an interactive practical session Speakers Helen Lippell has run her own consultancy since 2007, working as a specialist in taxonomy, metadata, ontologies and enterprise search. She loves getting stuck into […]

Blog for the July 2018 seminar: Machines and Morality: Can AI be Ethical?

In discussions of AI, one issue that is often raised is that of the ‘black box’ problem, where we cannot know how a machine system comes to its decisions and recommendations. That is particularly true of the class of self-training ‘deep machine learning’ systems which have been making the headlines in recent medical research. Dr […]

July 2018 Seminar: Machines and Morality: Can AI be Ethical?

Summary At this meeting Stephanie Mathisen, Policy Manager at Sense About Science, and Tamara Ansons, Behavioural Science Consultant at Ipsos, addressed the question of the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence – is it possible for machines to have morality? Speakers Dr Tamara L Ansons is an expert on behavioural science. After receiving her PhD in Brain […]

June 2018 Seminar: Organising Medical and Health-related Information

Summary At this meeting held in Leeds, Ewan Davis, one of the first developers of a GP computerised health record system, discussed Electronic Health Records. This is a joint meeting with ISKO UK. Speakers Ewan Davis was one of the first developers of a GP computerised health record system. His background is solidly in Health […]

Titus Oates claims that there is a Catholic plot against the King’s life

May 2018 Seminar: Trust and integrity in information

The question of how we identify trustworthy sources of information formed the basis of this varied and thought-provoking seminar. Hanna Chalmers, Senior Director of IPSOS Mori, detailed the initial results of a recent poll on trust in the media. Events such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal have resulted in a general sense that trust in the media is in a state of crisis.

March 2018 Seminar: Working in Complexity – SenseMaker, Decisions and Cynefin

Summary At this meeting attendees were given the opportunity to take part in experimenting with a number of tools and analytical approaches that have been used to good effect in dealing with intractable, complex problems.  It was a lively action-packed meeting with useful learning for Monday morning, and plenty of opportunity for networking and exchanging […]

January 2018 Seminar: Making true connections in a complex world: new technologies to link facts, concepts and data

Summary At this meeting new approaches to Linked Data and Graph Technology were presented and discussed. Dion Lindsay introduced the New Graph Technology of Information and David Clarke discussed Building Rich Search and Discovery User Experiences with Linked Open Data. Speakers Dion Lindsay Introducing the New Graph Technology of Information. Graph technology is a rapidly […]

November 2017 Seminar: The Future for Information and Knowledge Professionals – Tenth Anniversary Seminar

Summary 2017 has been the tenth anniversary of the founding of NetIKX and this meeting was a celebration of this. The programme focused on the situation of knowledge and information professionals in 2017. Talks to set the scene were from Peter Thomson on major changes to the world of work and from Stuart Ward, Chair […]

September 2017 Seminar: Closing the Loop on Lesson Learning

Summary Chris Collison explored the myths and truths of lesson-learning in different contexts, using real examples, both good and bad, challenging us to improve this important knowledge-management practice and make it more than a convenient phrase. ‘Lessons learned’ is a phrase that is a regular feature of news bulletins, sports team briefs and project team […]

July 2017 Seminar: The Implications of Blockchain for IM and KM Professionals

Summary Blockchain is a word that is growing in usage – in both the IT and information management worlds. It is one of the most exciting and potentially game-changing technologies. But what is it and what does it mean? And as information professionals what do we need to know? What will be its impact on […]

May 2017 Seminar: Developing Effective Collaborative Knowledge Spaces

Summary Paul J. Corney and Victoria Ward introduced a survey that has been run on this topic and used the meeting to obtain feedback on the questions from those attending. Paul will soon be writing a paper on the topic. Paul introduced the seminar by noting that three years ago he conducted a survey of […]

March 2017 Seminar: Gurteen Knowledge Café – Entrained and Entrenched Thinking

Summary David Gurteen, well known as a keynote speaker and conversational facilitator, ran a Knowledge Café on the topic of Entrained and Entrenched Thinking. Knowledge cafés are a powerful tool for knowledge managers. David Gurteen is one of the foremost exponents of this method. David defines the essence of a knowledge café thus: “The only […]

January 2017 Seminar: Information Design: approaches to better communication

Summary Conrad Taylor and Ruth Miller (long-standing practitioners of information design) presented some simple and practical applications of plain language, computer-based design, and design project management practices to help organisations and businesses to communicate clearly. Conrad and Ruth looked at how information designers have developed approaches to clear communication (based on research by linguists, psychologists […]

November 2016 Seminar: Evidence-based Decision Making

Summary We all have biases. It’s perfectly natural for the decisions we make in life and work to be influenced by knowledge gained through prior experience and intuition. Most of the time this serves us well. However, we would not expect major business decisions to be made just on ‘gut-feel’. Using an open and rational […]