January 2022 Seminar: Introduction to Radical Knowledge Management

Summary :

With the ongoing development of technology and its impact on every workplace in industry and commerce we must seek to radicalise the effectiveness of Knowledge Management by learning lessons from the creative essence of art and artists. In this way we can increase productivity and liberate insightful improvements to industrial and commercial processes by encouraging innovation.

Speaker :

Stephanie Barnes is an Independent Consultant based in Berlin, Germany.

Time and Venue :

A Zoom lecture held on Thursday January 27th 2022.

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November 2013 Seminar: Knowledge organisation past present and future


This event was all about information and knowledge management within organisations. The speakers looked at how IKM has evolved and where it’s likely to go next.

David Skryme talked about capturing the most important information as being a vital part of knowledge management. Communities are essential for developing tacit knowledge, through people talking to other people and sharing their knowledge. Work organisations are really social places, about human relationships and people. Storytelling has come back into popularity as a tool for knowledge managers to bring knowledge management to life. There are many new KM challenges now – social media, visualisation, ramification, co-creation with customers. David encouraged us to look beyond the appeal of new innovations to remember that there was a good amount of solid knowledge management techniques already out there.

Next Danny Budzak talked us through how he is developing data, information and knowledge management at the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), in his role as Senior Information Manager. He drew out useful tips that would be relevant to his audiences’ own workplaces.

In conclusion the speakers suggested that: “The true success of knowledge management is when it disappears”. KM will be stronger when it becomes part and parcel of working life.


Dr David Skryme, Analyst and Management Consultant at David Skryme Associates, is a world recognized expert on knowledge management. In a 22-year career with Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), he held a variety of management roles in marketing, strategic planning and product management. During his career he was responsible for introducing new thinking, new products and services, new methods, and new initiatives.
He set up his own company in 1993 with three strands of activity – consultancy, workshops, research/writing. He has had clients across the world, ranging from large multinationals to small charities. He is a member of the ENTOVATION Network. The ENTOVATION Network is an international network of theorists and practitioners dedicated to developing a sustainable future through knowledge and innovation.

Danny Budzak, Senior Information Manager at the London Legacy Development Corporation is our second speaker and is Currently working at the London Legacy Development Corporation on the review, transfer and disposal of electronic and paper records; information transfer approach, retention and disposal schedule, stakeholder engagement, information governance and information security.

Time and Venue

2pm on 26th November, The British Dental Association, 64 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YS


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See our blog report: Knowledge organisation – past, present and future