July 2021 Seminar : Ethical Artificial Intelligence


What is ethical, or responsible, artificial intelligence (AI) ? In essence, we can identify three concerns/issues : “the moral behaviour of humans as they design, make, use and treat artificially intelligent systems.” “A concern with the behaviour of machines, in machine ethics” – for example, computational ethics. ” “The issue of a possible singularity due to superintelligent AI” – a fascinating glimpse into the future as computers might ‘take over’. Is this still science fiction ?


This seminar encompassed important topics for Knowledge Management and Information Management  practitioners. Topics included ‘bias’ in the machine, in machine learning, in the content cycle, in the taxonomy, in the text analytics, in the algorithms  and, of course, in the real world. Critically, where do knowledge organization systems fit in and how can practitioners play a role in creating ethical artificial intelligence ?  Should companies begin to develop an AI ethics strategy that is publicly available ?


The speaker was Ahren Lehnert  – Senior Manager, Text Analytics Solutions of Synaptica.com and he is based in Oakland, California, USA. https://www.synaptica.com/

Ahren is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University in the Mid-West and a post-graduate of Stony Brook University in New York.

Ahren is a knowledge management professional passionate about knowledge capture, organisation, categorisation and discovery. His main areas of interest are text analytics, search and taxonomy and ontology construction, implementation and governance.

His fifteen years of experience spans many sectors including marketing, health care, Federal and State government agencies, commercial and e-commerce, geospatial, oil and gas, telecom and financial services.

Ahren is always seeking ways to improve the user experience through better functionality and the most ‘painless’ user experience possible based on the state of the industry, best practices and standards.

Time and Venue

Thursday July 22nd at 2:30pm  on a Zoom online meeting.


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There is a blog available here.

Study Suggestions

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Rob Rosset 27/07/2021



Seminar: May 2021: The status of KM in 2020, and trends for the future


In early 2020, Knoco undertook a third global “state of the art” survey of Knowledge Management. The results give a snapshot of the state of pre-covid KM, and comparison with previous surveys allows trends to be identified.  Nick Milton, the director of Knoco Ltd has a fascinating insight into the survey results. He pinpointed outcomes that would give powerful arguments to KM professionals who need to persuade their leadership team and colleagues to take the subject seriously and allocate appropriate resources.  In particular, the survey results show that knowledge management has become more relevant after the shocks and changes caused by the pandemic.   The discussion following his fascinating talk focused on how we could use the new ideas generated for our own work situations.


Nick Milton is director and co-founder of Knoco Ltd (https://www.knoco.com) with over 25 years experience in Knowledge Management.

Working with Knoco Ltd, Nick has helped develop and deliver KM strategies, implementation plans and services in a wide range of different organizations around the globe. He has a particular interest in ‘Lessons Learned Programs’, and has managed major ‘lessons capture programs’, particularly in the area of mergers and acquisitions, and high technology engineering.

Prior to founding Knoco, Nick spent two years at the centre of the team that made BP the leading KM company in the world at the time; acting as the team Knowledge Manager, developing and implementing BP’s knowledge of ‘how to manage knowledge’, and coordinating the BP KM Community of Practice.

Nick is a widely recognized coach and trainer, and has given keynote speeches at most of the leading international Knowledge Management conferences, such as KM World, KM Europe, KMUK, KM Russia, KM Egypt, IAPG Argentina, IKM Jakarta, KM Singapore and KM Brazil. In 2007 he was awarded ‘Lecturer of the year’ from Chalmers University. He was a member of the international working group which developed ISO 30401, the management systems standard for KM.

Nick blogs most days (www.nickmilton.com) and can be found on Twitter @nickknoco. He is based in the UK, near the city of Bath.

Time and Venue

27 May, 2pm Zoom on line meeting




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There is a Blog for this month on the website.  It is an excellent report and has been written by Committee Member, Carlin Parry, and this report can also be found Here

Study Suggestions

You can find a copy of the survey’s mentioned in the seminar at Nick Milton’s website: www.nickmilton.com

Nick is the author/co-author of the following books:

  • The Knowledge Manager’s handbook;
  • Designing a Successful KM Strategy;
  • The Lessons Learned handbook;
  • Knowledge Management for Teams and Projects;
  • Knowledge Management for Sales and Marketing, and
  • Performance through Learning – knowledge management in practice.

March 2021 Seminar: Working during the Covid-19 pandemic: sharing insights and experiences


This meeting consisted of  eight speakers talking for ten minutes each about different aspects of their experience of working during this time, followed by the usual syndicate sessions, where experiences were  shared in more detail, so that we can manage better as we move forward into a still uncertain future.


The eight speakers talked to the following programme, brief comments are noted below each title :

2.35 Paul Corney – President of CILIP

Thoughts around virtual watercoolers and orchestrated serendipity in a virtual environment.

Paul said that daily routines mattered. Start your day with the most difficult task which needs your focus. Develop ‘peripheral virtual vision’, insisting on an “all in it together” policy. Make time for meaningful connections. Make “watercooler time” with your favourite people at work – ‘learn about learning’. Ensure that every meeting has an agenda and stick to it.

2.45 Dion Lindsay – KM Consultant and Trainer.

Thoughts on recruiting during the pandemic.

Dion is an assessor for police recruitment in England and Wales. Covid-19 has transformed the police recruitment process because it had to be done quicker via online services and the web. He designs workshops and consults and trains organisations on KM digital products. The changes he has experienced have been unexpected but very challenging and enjoyable.

2.55 Perrine Guy Duche – Knowledge Manager at CRU International.

Perrine has been working on the ‘eHub Project’ – a collaborative attempt to integrate the intranet with the digital workplace. The central focus is on embedding knowledge sharing in the workflow of company employees.

3.05 Yasmin Dubash – Knowledge Manager at CBRE UK a Global Real Estate Corporation.

Yasmin started her new job at CBRE UK on March 2nd  2020 and on March 23rd 2020 the UK went into lockdown ! Employees started to take their pc’s home to continue working one week before the official government announcement of the lockdown. So through small conversations – 15 minutes to 30 minutes long – she built up relationships with her co-workers. Through being self-motivated and tenacious she has managed to roll out a knowledge sharing platform for the UK.

3.15 Sophie Sheinwald – Visual Storyteller and Photographer.

Thoughts on photographing key workers and the ‘vision project’.

Sophie began photographing NHS workers during the pandemic and it went viral on facebook.

So then 100 other photographers joined in from Northern Ireland, Wales, the North of England and Aberdeen. Each worker was photographed indoors and outdoors. Health workers were also photographed ‘behind the mask’ and in normal times. Also, their views were solicited.

3.30 Breakout groups and Tea break.

4.00 Conrad Taylor – Visual Communicator, publisher, knowledge and information manager, innovator.

Thoughts on a room with a working view.

Conrad told us about the breadth and depth of his involvement with knowledge and information management as well as illustration, graphic design and media production work going back to the 1980’s. For him 2020 was a good year to have a lockdown !  In essence the internet has transformed absolutely everything and he can handle all his digital requirements for his array of projects from ‘one room’.

4.10 Melanie Harris – Head Librarian at DWP

Personally it has been a tough time for Melanie as she has had to cope with the breavement of her partner as well as the pandemic but she has managed to change departments and to find that the DWP is investing in the library as an invaluable resource. She is currently doing a vital thing : finding out about other people’s work in her new department.

4.20 Ed Jewell – Head Librarian of Jersey Library.

The Library in Jersey is open. Social distancing – with masks – is still in force. Getting out of lockdown has been a real challenge. Now, they must manage public expectations. These are high. It is tiring for staff (chocolate is a welcome necessity)! Social and business trends have been accelerated by 10 years. Digital inclusion is right up the agenda. It is a sobering, but not a surprising thought, that during lockdown that sterling feature of public libraries – the home library service was the only point of face-to-face contact for some islanders.

Time and Venue

Thursday 18th March 2021 via the Zoom platform at 2.30pm.


Slides are available in the Members Hub




There is a blog about Working during the Covid-19 pandemic Read our blog here

Study Suggestions

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https://www.2020visionproject.co.uk/gallery           password: unmasked2020



. https://www.bailiwickexpress.com/jsy/opinion/chief-librarian-edward-jewell-five-things-ive-learnt-about-jersey-pandemic/#.YEI71fmTLD4




January 2021 Seminar: Managing Knowledge in Project Environments


This meeting was about Knowledge Management which is widely practised in project environments, but not always recognised as such. What is recognised as knowledge management is often information management – and tends to be treated a series of unconnected activities.

Members joined us to find out where knowledge management has been hiding, and how to use knowledge management thinking to solve common project problems.


Our speaker was Judy Payne. Judy is a management consultant – she is a Director of Hemdean Consulting – and an academic – BPP University, Associate Faculty, Business and Law Schools. She was formerly a director of the Henley KM Forum and preceded that by being Visiting Executive Fellow where she undertook research, supervision of MBA dissertation students and occasional teaching.

The focus of her work is on KM and organisational learning – how to get people to work together effectively and efficiently to get things done, to come up with new ideas, to make better decisions and generally make the very best use of what they know. In practice, she runs workshops and undertakes consultancy assignments. The former involves designing and facilitating the workshop itself, the latter involves several months work.

She is Chair of the BSI Knowledge Management Standards Committee. She is Co-Chair of Knowledge SIG – Association for Project Management. Her mission is to open up project management thinking to knowledge management. She has a 1st Class Honours Degree in Water Resources and Computer Science from Aston University. She has a PhD in Sustainable Urban Drainage, also from Aston University. She has an MBA from Henley Management College.

Time and Venue

This was a Zoom meeting held on Thursday 21st January 2021 at 2:30 pm.


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See our blog report: Managing Knowledge in Project Environments

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