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May 2016 Seminar: SharePoint and Office 365: getting value from enterprise collaboration solutions

Summary The shift from traditional ‘document management and information push’ Intranets to more socio-collaborative technologies continues to accelerate, as organisations embrace new Social Business Models. Microsoft has cemented its place as one of the key players in the enterprise technology space and is well positioned to influence greater productivity and increased value through more seamless […]

March 2016 Seminar: Storytelling For Problem Solving & Better Decision Making

Summary A story is a recounting of events based on emotional experience from a perspective. We use stories to: • build maps of the world we experience so we can make decisions about how to act; • make decisions about what to believe in, what we see and hear; • transfer knowledge and information; • […]

January 2016 Seminar: Human Capital – The Last Differentiator

Summary How do you keep your skills relevant in an ever-changing environment? Can Social Knowledge Management provide answers? As we adapt to new workplace challenges (or opportunities) at a time when organisations are looking to increase productivity and make savings through automating routine work, we need to think about the ’human differentiator‘; in essence, ensuring […]

November 2015 Seminar: Offshoring/Outsourcing Information Services

Summary The offshoring and outsourcing of information services are two business models/strategies that have matured significantly in recent years. However, they have a number of challenges that in-house operations do not necessarily face. Offshoring or Outsourcing your Information function – either, neither or both? Whatever your situation the issues raised by this question are complex […]

September 2015 Seminar: Connecting Knowledge Communities

Summary The aim of this meeting was to bring together at least some of the UK communities concerned with knowledge and information management. These communities and organisations have different emphases, different modes of operation and even different approaches to membership. Some have regular meetings and a paid membership, while others are virtual and have no […]

July 2015 Seminar: Hillsborough – Information Work and Helping People and NetIKX AGM

Summary We welcomed Jan Parry, President of CILIP, to talk about her role in the Hillsborough Inquiry. This meeting was preceded by the NetIKX AGM. Jan Parry explained how, after 23 years, records and information revealed the truth about the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster. She was the only Information Professional on the secretariat of the Hillsborough […]

May 2015 Seminar: Open Data – Products, Services and Standards.

Summary 25 years ago, Sir Tim Berners Lee set out his vision for the World Wide Web by proposing a set of technologies that would make the Internet more accessible and useful. Since then, the web has transformed our global community by allowing us to freely share information with each other. When open and accessible […]

March 2015 Seminar: Seek and You will Find?

Summary Karen explained how Google is undergoing major changes in the way it analyses our searches and presents results, so that more people are using their biased, social media circles as sources of information; and an increasing amount of error-laden data is being made available free of charge. Karen delivered an insightful and informative talk […]

January 2015 Seminar: Auditing your KIM Skills Gap

Summary This was a joint seminar of the Network for Information & Knowledge Exchange and TFPL Connect-ed. The start of the new year is a great time to take stock, reflect on the achievements of the last year and plan your objectives for the upcoming twelve months … The workshop was aimed at anyone with […]