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January 2018 Seminar: Making true connections in a complex world: new technologies to link facts, concepts and data

Summary At this meeting new approaches to Linked Data and Graph Technology were presented and discussed. Dion Lindsay introduced the New Graph Technology of Information and David Clarke discussed Building Rich Search and Discovery User Experiences with Linked Open Data. Speakers Dion Lindsay Introducing the New Graph Technology of Information. Graph technology is a rapidly […]

November 2017 Seminar: The Future for Information and Knowledge Professionals – Tenth Anniversary Seminar

Summary 2017 has been the tenth anniversary of the founding of NetIKX and this meeting was a celebration of this. The programme focused on the situation of knowledge and information professionals in 2017. Talks to set the scene were from Peter Thomson on major changes to the world of work and from Stuart Ward, Chair […]

September 2017 Seminar: Closing the Loop on Lesson Learning

Summary Chris Collison explored the myths and truths of lesson-learning in different contexts, using real examples, both good and bad, challenging us to improve this important knowledge-management practice and make it more than a convenient phrase. ‘Lessons learned’ is a phrase that is a regular feature of news bulletins, sports team briefs and project team […]

May 2017 Seminar: Developing Effective Collaborative Knowledge Spaces

Summary Paul J. Corney and Victoria Ward introduced a survey that has been run on this topic and used the meeting to obtain feedback on the questions from those attending. Paul will soon be writing a paper on the topic. Paul introduced the seminar by noting that three years ago he conducted a survey of […]

March 2017 Seminar: Gurteen Knowledge Café – Entrained and Entrenched Thinking

Summary David Gurteen, well known as a keynote speaker and conversational facilitator, ran a Knowledge Café on the topic of Entrained and Entrenched Thinking. Knowledge cafés are a powerful tool for knowledge managers. David Gurteen is one of the foremost exponents of this method. David defines the essence of a knowledge café thus: “The only […]

January 2017 Seminar: Information Design: approaches to better communication

Summary Conrad Taylor and Ruth Miller (long-standing practitioners of information design) presented some simple and practical applications of plain language, computer-based design, and design project management practices to help organisations and businesses to communicate clearly. Conrad and Ruth looked at how information designers have developed approaches to clear communication (based on research by linguists, psychologists […]

November 2016 Seminar: Evidence-based Decision Making

Summary We all have biases. It’s perfectly natural for the decisions we make in life and work to be influenced by knowledge gained through prior experience and intuition. Most of the time this serves us well. However, we would not expect major business decisions to be made just on ‘gut-feel’. Using an open and rational […]

September 2016 Seminar: Connecting Knowledge Communities: Approaches to Professional Development

Summary At an earlier meeting, a plea was made to examine the way professional development (and, indirectly, training) is managed for knowledge and information managers. This meeting therefore examined possible approaches to such professional development. A year previously, NetIKX, with the cooperation of a number of other organisations in the field of knowledge and information […]

July 2016 Seminar: Understanding Networks – and how to win friends and influence people

Summary If you were to ask your CEO or manager how knowledge and information flows through your organisation, you will probably be shown an organisation chart. This is all very well in theory, but the days of strict hierarchies for communicating and sharing knowledge and information have long been consigned to history. In today’s global […]