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NetiKX dates back to 1992.

The start - IRM Network

The IRM Network was formed in March 1992, after Forest ('Woody') W. Horton, an American pioneer of IRM, had presented a series of seminars at Aslib on what he called InfoMapping. Susan Montgomery, a US citizen resident in the UK and member of Aslib, recognised that Woody Horton's concept of IRM endowed information - and along with it the information profession with respectability for which it had fought long and hard, but had never quite achieved. After an inaugural meeting on 5 March 1992, the IRM Network Steering Group met on 18 March 1992 to discuss the way forward. It was Nick Willard who came up with the answer in the form of what became known as 'The Willard Model'. The IRM Network was thus founded to explore and develop the concepts of IRM and soon established a loyal following and membership. Three of the founding members from 1992 are part of the experienced team who, in 2006, have established NetIKX.

The Willard Model

During the early years of the IRM Network, from 1993-97, the speaker programme was based upon the five elements of the Willard Model; one element was explored in depth each year for five years.

In the middle years, from 1998-2000, a growing interest in Knowledge Management (KM) was developing. Feeling intuitively that KM bore a close kinship with IRM, the meeting programme turned to exploring the relationship between the two.

Then - KIMNET (Knowledge and Information Management Network)

In the later years, from 2001-2005, with the relationships between KM and IRM more firmly defined, the network embarked upon a new meeting programme looking at IRM, IM (Information Management) and KM topics in a new framework designed to facilitate the exploration of the issues and enablers of KM/IM/IRM against a background of the key activities involved. The network grew in strength and continued to pursue the new framework with vigour, as one of the few groups enabling members to explore both IM and KM together. In January 2003, to fully reflect this resolve to embrace both KM and IM issues, it was decided to change the name of the network to KIMNET (Knowledge & Information Management Network).

Now - NetIKX (Network for Information and Knowledge Exchange)

In 2006, the decision was made to establish NetIKX as a fully independent network, totally free of any affiliations to other organisations. We welcome anyone with an interest in the value of information and knowledge being crucial to the success of all organisations.

NetIKX is firmly based on its powerful antecedents and the successful IRM Network and KIMNET traditions. Help us make it a continuing success.

Archive Note: The past network meetings referred to above form a valuable archive of reference material and new ideas. Many of the Meeting Reports and speaker presentations are available to members in the Members Only area.

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