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What is NetIKX (Network for Information and Knowledge eXchange)?

NetIKX is a fully independent Community of Interest. Our focus is on the practical issues of managing information and knowledge in the workplace.

We are a friendly, low cost network for professionals from Information Science, HR, ICT and other business functions who want to learn and share good practice and helpful tips about managing and exploiting information and knowledge. We hold six seminars each year. We are definitely not just a 'talking shop'; we aim to give members practical ideas to take back to their own organisations.

NetIKX is constituted as a not-for-profit unincorporated society. NetIKX is self-managed and self-funded.
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When and why was NetIKX formed?

NetIKX was formed in late 2006 by the then management committee of KIMNET (an Aslib Special Interest Group) so as to create a fully independent network with membership open to all. However, the history and antecedents of NetIKX stretch back to 1992 when the IRM (Information Resource Management) Network was formed.

Through learning and sharing, our purpose is to help and support our members in their roles and to enhance their careers, and in turn to help their organisations to gain greater value through better use and management of information and knowledge.
More about the history of NetIKX

What is the connection between NetIKX and Aslib?

There is no connection between NetIKX and Aslib. NetIKX is a fully independent network with membership open to all.

Who should join NetIKX?

Anyone with an interest in information and knowledge management can join NetIKX. We welcome members from large and small organisation in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Whether you are just starting out on your career in this area or have a wealth of experience we are confident NetIKX has something to offer you.

The purpose of NetIKX is to provide a forum to promote learning and sharing for information professionals and others (in the UK or overseas) involved in, or interested in, information and knowledge management. It offers the opportunity to meet, network and exchange information with other members and other individuals or groups with common interests. Membership is open to all who share these interests.

You should join because for a modest fee we believe we provide far greater value (over a whole year) than for example a single half day seminar. Why not try it and see?
Online Membership Application

What are the benefits of NetIKX membership?

Members are entitled to attend all NetIKX seminars (normally 6 per year) without any additional charges, saving over £200 on non-member fees. Members also have access to the Members Only area of this web site. Meeting Reports and speaker presentations for all meetings are published in this Members Only area, along with an archive of similar material from selected earlier meetings. Members also have the advantage of the Membership Directory in the Members Only area to facilitate networking.

We believe the 6 NetIKX seminars in a year offer you better value than a three day conference at less than one tenth of the cost, and with more convenient use of your time.
More about membership and the benefits.
More about past meetings and speakers.

How much does NetIKX membership cost?

The current membership fees are £100 for Individual membership and £200 for Corporate membership. The non-member fee to attend a single meeting is £50. Fees are reviewed annually. NetIKX is not registered for VAT and thus no VAT is payable.

The fees are kept low to encourage membership. We are able to do this because the management and running of the network is undertaken on an entirely voluntary basis by the Management Committee.
More about membership and current fees

What is the difference between 'Individual' and 'Corporate' membership?

'Individual' membership allows the named person only to attend seminars; substitutes are not permitted.

'Corporate' membership still requires a named individual as the prime member, but they can send a substitute and up to four additional colleagues from their organisation may attend seminars at no charge.

One password for the Members Only area of the Web Site is issued to the named 'Individual' or 'Corporate' member.

Do I have to attend all seminars to make it worthwhile joining?

No. If you attended only two seminars in a year it would still be more economic to join than attend as a non-member. Even if you attended only one seminar, membership is still good value as you have access to seminar reports and speaker presentations from all meetings (something not available to non-members).

We believe the 6 NetIKX seminars in a year offer you better value than a three day conference at less than one tenth of the cost, and with more convenient use of your time.
Online Membership Application

Can non-members attend NetIKX seminars?

A non-member can attend a NetIKX meeting subject to payment of the non-member fee of £50. Please use the Event Sign Up page to register for a meeting.

How is NetIKX managed?

NetIKX is run by a Management Committee. Its members are volunteers and do not receive any payment other than expenses (at cost) for attending occasional face to face meetings. Arrangements for electing the Management Committee are set out in the constitution.

The Management Committee includes the following positions/roles: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Manager, Web Site Manager, Programme Manager, and Meetings Manager. The Management Committee normally meets 6 times a year before each seminar.
More about the Management Committee

How is NetIKX funded?

NetIKX is primarily funded through membership fees and non-member meeting fees.

NetIKX may seek modest sponsorship support. Sponsors have no control or direct influence on the running of the network.

What are NetIKX seminars like?

First of all they are welcoming and friendly. The format of a seminar is typically:

  • Announcements
  • Main speaker presentation
  • Tea and time to talk
  • Questions, discussion and/or small syndicate groups and feedback session
  • Summary of key learning points
  • Further informal networking over a glass of wine (or soft drinks)

However we are always flexible and if members and/or the speaker want to structure the seminar differently then we do so.

The seminars are always followed by informal social occasions where members are able (if they wish) to take the opportunity to talk to colleagues and/or our main speaker directly to follow up on their particular issues or interests.
More about past seminars and speakers.

When and where are NetIKX seminars held?

NetIKX seminars are currently held in the afternoon starting at 14:30; the formal finish time is 17:00 but informal discussion over refreshments continues until around 18:00 for those who wish to stay on and take the opportunity to talk to colleagues and/or our main speaker directly to follow up on their particular issues or interests.

Meetings are held at various easily accessible locations in central London. We encourage member organisations with suitable facilities in London to provide venues whenever possible.

How are the speakers selected?

We aim to select speakers in response the challenges and issues raised by members across the whole spectrum of information and knowledge management subject area. We collect this knowledge both formally and informally at meetings and elsewhere and through occasional member surveys. The Programme Manager takes the major role in putting the seminar programme together on behalf of the Management Committee.

The standard of our speakers is consistently high. We have attracted many of the leading thinkers on the subjects of Information Resources Management and Knowledge Management. A list of earlier seminars and in most cases the Meeting Reports and copies of the speaker presentations are available to NetIKX members in the Members Only section of the web site.
More about past meetings and speakers.

What is available in the 'Members Only' area of the web site?

The 'Members Only' area includes:

  • Meeting Reports, speaker presentations and any other presentation material from the current year's seminars
  • An archive of most of the seminar reports and speaker presentations from earlier meetings of our predecessor networks
  • A Membership directory where members can choose to make their fields of expertise, interests and contact details available to other members for networking purposes
  • A Resource Centre which will include selected documents and links to sites of particular interest to members. We do not aim to compete with other sites which already provide a rich source of valuable IM & KM resources. Members may submit or suggest items to be included.


What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

You can create a new password [rovded you know your login and your email address is current. If you have problems, contact the Website Manager.

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